Lady gets a home

I was asked by a person from This Old Horse, a rescue out of Hastings Minnesota, To check out a horse here in Iowa that needed a new home. They wanted me to check out her temperament and to take pictures and get a little more information about her. When I got to the farm I learned from the lady that her husband had to go into a care facility and that she knows nothing about horses and is actually scared of them which in some instances is a bad Combination. This Old Horse didn't have room at the time to take anymore horses in but were willing to put Lady's information on their website and try to find Lady a new home.
I was sad to hear that the first prospect decided that Lady would not work out for them. šŸ˜¢ I am happy to report that Lady did find a new home and will be loved and get the care she deserves. šŸ˜Š